Organized Events

Activities Attended During Lockdown:

Category Name of Event / Activity Start Date No.of Resource Person Participant Relevance to PO’s & PSO’s
MHRD Leadership Talk Series (Webinar) IIC (MIC driven activity) 07/04/2020 Mr.Abhishekh Suryvanshi


Wikipedia SWASTHA

12 PO:-7,9,10,12

PSO:- 3

MHRD Leadership Talk Series (Webinar) IIC (MIC driven activity) 15/04/2020 Dr.Ajay Jere 10 PO:-7,9,10,12

PSO:- 3

NPTEL Webinar IPR (Entrepreneurship-What you should know before you take the plunge) 20/04/2020 Mr.Sudararajan Krishanan (PK) 45 PO:-6,10,12


NPTEL Webinar IPR (Popularization of Science) 21/04/2020 Prof.Shrinivas Chakravarthy 50 PO:-1,2,5


NPTEL Webinar IPR (Toward Explainable AI) 22/04/2020 Prof.Vineeth N. Baiasubramanian 48 PO:-5,11,12


NPTEL Webinar IPR (Overview of 5G technology & 5G tested work at IIT Madras) 23/04/2020 Prof.Radhakrishna Ganti 43 PO:-5,7,12


NPTEL Webinar IPR (Bharati Script) 24/04/2020 Prof.Srinivas Chakravarthy 49 PO:-11,12


NPTEL Webinar IPR (ADM- Application Development & Maintenance services) 24/04/2020 Mr.Rakesh Goel 51 PO:-3,6,11


NPTEL Webinar IPR (Civil Service as career) 25/04/2020 Ms.Yogitha 47 PO:-8,9,12


Intershala IPR 38 PO:-1,5,6,11,12


Paper Publication Hand Gesture & Joystick Control Handicapped Wheel Chair with Solar Charge (IRJET) April 2020 Final Year Students EE 5 PO:-1,3,5,10,11


Awareness Janata Curfew Pledge 20/03/2020 1.Under Ministry of Health & Family Welfare & Ministry of Electronics and information Technology , Govt . of India

2. Ayush Mantralay, Govt . of India

65 PO:-6,7


Awareness Awareness pledge (Stay Home , Stay safe) 15/04/2020 Padm.Dr.V.B.Kolte College of Engineering, Malkapur(MH) 60 PO:-6,7


Webinar IPR (Awareness in students through Video lecture) 18/04/2020 Prof.Y.P.Sushir

HOD(Electrical Engineering)

VBKCOE, Malkapur

36 PO:-6,7 PSO:-3
Awareness Program IPR (Covid 19 Awareness Quiz) 02/04/2020 Imperial College of Engineering And research,Wagholi,Pune 51 PO:-6,7


Poster Competition Awareness on Covid 19 Padm.Dr.V.B.Kolte College of Engineering, Malkapur(MH) 30 PO:-6,7


Industry Visit

Sr.  No. Industry Name No. of Students
1. Central Railway Office Bhusawal 15
2. EHO,O&M Division Akola 12
3. Chaitanya Chemical,Malkapur 20
4. RRCAT Indore 15
5. Narmada Control Authority Gujrat 10
6. Thermal Power Plant, Paras 15
7. 132KV Power Substation (MSEB) Malkapur 23
8. Chaitanya Chemical,Malkapur 22
9. Central Railway Office, Bhusawal 14
10. 132KV Power Substation Malkapur 30
11. Boat R D Section MSEDCS Pune 34

Parents Meet

The Parents Meet was organized by Electrical Engineering Department on 23rd October 2018. Prof. Komal P Hole successfully coordinated the event. The event was organized with an objective to aware parents about Placement, Academic Results, various activities carried out in the department.

Guest Lectures/ Industry Expert / Personality Development Lectures

Sr.No Name Topic Date No. Of Stusents
1 Mr.Rajesh Tayade, Gurukul coaching classes Malkapur. Soft Skill Development Programme 19/03/2018 59
2 Mr. M J Deshpande MSEDCL(Officer) Sangli, Maharashtra Personality Development Programme 17/03/2018 33
3 Dr.A K Gupta Emeritus Professor, Sharda Group of Institution, Noida, Delhi Personality Development Programme 24/02/2018 34
4 Dr.Manish Gupta, Chairman , Chrysalis Entrepreneur Forum Pune Personality Development Programme 02/08/2017 34
5 Mr. M J Deshpande MSEDCL(Officer) Sangli, Maharashtra Personality Development Programme 29/08/2016 85
6 Shri Nivrutti E Patil,Kund Personality Development Programme 16/09/2016 59
9 Shri. Swami Gargand, Nivedita Nilayam Personality Development Programme 08/05/2015 40
10 Dr.Shobha Nafade,Malkapur Personality Development Programme 15/09/2015 39
11 Shri.Jayant Bhole, Malkapur Personality Development Programme 04/11/2015 45


Name of the Expert Topic Date
1. Dilip Kushwah FACTS 22/8/2012
2. Mahesh Dabhade AC Machine 22/10/2012
3. V G Neve DC Machine 20/02/213
4. Mr. S. Rai Transformer 25/9/2013
5. Prof. A M Bhopade M & M 24/8/2014
6. Anil Tatode Trend in Power system In renewable energy 8/9/15
7. K R Patil Control System Engg. 17/9/15
8. Ravindra reddy MATLAB 7/8/2016
9. Supriya Gove PLC SCADA 30/8/16
10. Dilip Sharma Power Electronics 8/3/2017

Summary Report of Parent Meeting (Online) during lockdown

COVID 19 Awareness Program