Composition of IQAC


Sr. No. NAME Designation and affiliation


Dr. A. W. Kharche Campus Director/ Principal
Members form Management
2 Mr. S. J. Pachpande Member, LSSBM-Malkapur
Member from Local Societies
3 Mr. S. D. Patil Member- Executive Engineer MSEB
Member from Industrialist, Stakeholder and Employer
4 Mr. Prashant Tayde Stakeholder
5 Mr. Dinkar Narkhede Industrialist
6 Mr. Subhash Patil Employer
Six Teachers
7 Prof. N. A. Kharche Academic Dean
8 Prof. M. Javed Head – Applied Science
9 Prof. S. R. Shekokar Head– Mechanical Engg.
10 Prof. Y. P. Sushir Head – Electrical Engineering
11 Prof. S. L. Farpat Head – Computer Science & Engg.
12 Prof.  R. R. Sarode Head – Civil Engineering
Administrative Officers
13 Prof. Y. A. Kharche Administrative Dean
14 Shri. R. M. Rane Member
Students & Alumni Representative
15 Mr. Ajay Bhosale Member
16 Mr. Narendra Phirke Member
Coordinator IQAC
17 Prof. R. M. Choudhari IQAC Co-ordinator

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