ED Cell

About ED Cell

India culturally has had a rich tradition of fostering entrepreneurship. Globalization of business and tremendous potential for growth in service sector has opened up a new vista of opportunities for young technocrats, who are looking for opportunities to exploit their full potential by setting up their own ventures. Padm. Dr. V. B. Kolte College of Engineering understands the importance of Entrepreneurship Development to boost and promote the culture of Creating Jobs versus Doing Jobs. The ED Cell was established at Padm. Dr. V. B. Kolte College of Engineering to encourage students to consider self-employment as a career option. It is an initiative of the young minds at this institution for development and mentoring of skills in individuals who are passionate to pursue their ambition in setting up their own venture. The Cell organizes different activities and events to train and motivate the students on entrepreneurship.


To create an environment that fosters entrepreneurial spirit in students.


  • To facilitate opportunities for interactions with aspiring and well-established entrepreneurs
  • To provide a platform for cultivating entrepreneurial skills among students


  • To organize interactive sessions with successful entrepreneurs.
  • To increase awareness among students about schemes and policies existing to promote new ventures.
  • To organize events that helps to infuse the entrepreneurial spirit among the students.
  • To orient faculty members on the need and importance of entrepreneurial spirit among the students in the campus.
  • To engage students in Think, Design, Build and Test their Projects; and convert them to products.
  • To facilitate to students to incubate their start-ups.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell Committee:

Sr. No. Name of Members Designation
1 Dr. Anil W. Kharche President
2 Prof. Nitin A. Kharche Member
3 Prof. Santosh R. Shekokar  Member
4 Dr. Yugesh A. Kharche Member
5 Prof. Manjiri U. Karande Member
6 Prof. Yogesh P. Sushir Member
7 Prof. Ramakant M. Choudhari Secretory

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