Institutional Distinctiveness

The Mission of our college is to maintain the Quality environment for academic excellence and development of entrepreneurship, under this mission there is also institution’s Vision: To provide the quality education to bring about social change in region and to become the technical center of excellence. The college has started five UG and four PG program. The college has also started four certificate PMKVY courses. Recently, the college closes the one UG and one PG program. PMKVY is one of the career oriented courses which is run by our college. This is six months course. From all UG and PG program our vision and mission is reflected i.e. ‘To Create Complete Personalities through Value Based and Career Oriented Education’. Here, this program is totally career oriented. in this programs, the students are taught different skills about computers, electrical appliances, CAD/CAM, automation. The emphasis is given on the practical works than theoretical works. Practical are taken excessively to make them perfect in their skills. For that, college always organized industrial visit at various places. Students observe the work and learn how to handle the instrument. They are also given training in the same industry. For the development of students skills, seminar and workshops are also organized by the college. The implications of these actively can be seen in the things and designs which are prepared by the students. Students become independent due to this course. They do not have to wait to get a job in any industry. They become able to start their own business. In this way, all programs are run by the college, which creates complete personalities. In which they are also taught language, communication skills and how to handle telephone interviews etc. Because of this activity they are able to perform nicely in their academic career as well as in their future.