IQAC Members and Designation

Sr. No.




1 Dr. A. W. Kharche Head of Intuition Chairperson
Members from Teacher
2 Prof. N. A. Kharche Academic Dan Member
3 Prof. M. Javed Head-First Year Engg. Member
4 Prof. R. R. Sarode Head-Civil Engg. Member
5 Prof. S. R. Shegokar Head-Mechanical Engg. Member
6 Prof. Y. P. Sushir Head-Electrical Engg. Member
7 Prof. Y. B. Jadhao Head-Computer Science & Engg. Member
Members from Management
8 Mr. S. J. Pachpande Treasure Management Member
Administrative Officers
9 Prof. Y. A. Kharche Administrative Dean Member
10 Mr. R. M. Rane Head Clerk Member
Member from Social Society
11 Mr. M. J. Deshpande Executive Engineer MSEB Member
Members from students and Alumni
12 Ajay Bhosle Student Member
13 Narendra Firke Alumni Member
Member from Employer, Industrialist and Stakeholder
14 Mr. Prashant Tayde Employer Member
15 Mr. Dinkar Narkhede Industrialist Member
16 Mr. Subhash D. Patil Stakeholder Member
IQAC Co-ordinator
17 Prof. R. M. Choudhari Assistant Professor Member