Introduction of Central Library

The Central Library of the Padmashri Dr. V. B. Kolte College of engineering was established in 10 July 2010 with the establishment of the college. Since then, developments in the engineering and polytechnic have generated new impacts in academic fields. This resulted in extending the responsibility of the libraries. These serve as the needs of students, teachers, administrators, and researchers in the field of education and research. In this view, the library is a necessary adjunct of the teacher’s aid and researcher’s tool without which they cannot make the optimum use of their time and talent in effective and efficient manner. The library has tried its level best to provide necessary material to all the components of the college and look after the quantitative & qualitative growth in library facilities. The library is fully automated with bar-coding of books. The library has purchased Biyani library software developed by Biyani technology, Nagpur. The library is a well-managed and systematically organized model of information storage. Therefore, time to time, the efforts are being made to convert this library into the information-oriented unit so that the maximum number of students, research scholars and academic community would be able to take the advantage of the rich collection of books, back volumes of periodicals, CD-DVD databases, online databases and e-journals. Today we have more than 17230 books, more than 50 journals, periodicals, e-journals and e-books. This facility is provided through DELNET Program. Thus, the efforts are being made to enrich the library in terms of intellectual prosperity.

Total carpet area of library is 400.45 Sq. m. Separate Stack section, Reading Room, Reference Room, circulation section, News Paper reading section, Donated books section, Staff reading Room, Librarian’s Room. Library has membership of DELNET, NDL, NPTEL/SWAYAM etc. The facility of separate digital library is provided by library. The college encourages students to register in MOOCs.

Library offers books of MPSC, UPSC and other competitive exams for development of students’ knowledge. 150 students can be accommodated in library reading section. 12 types of Newspapers are available daily for students. Weekly employment newspaper is also available for students to make them aware about various job openings. Reprographic facility is also available for students.