Parent Teacher Association

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is formed with a view to maintaining effective interaction between the parents and the college authorities. The PTA is giving considerable assistance to improving the facilities in the college. For the benefit of both students and faculty members, PTA   has undertaken a number of development programs. A Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A) is actively functioning in the college.

The objectives of the association are:

  • To work for the welfare of the students and the institution.
  • To offer constructive suggestions on various issues for the smooth and successful functioning of the college.
  • To promote better participation of the parents in the various programs of the college and to establish better liaisons with the teachers.
  • All parents/guardians of the students on the rolls of the college and staff members are members of the association. It is compulsory for a parent/guardian of a student on the rolls of the college to be a member of the PTA.

Aims and Functions of a Parent-Teacher Association

  • To promote connections and communications between parents and college and to establish a partnership between them.
  • To promote the development of academic performance and the physical and mental health of students through home and college cooperation.
  • To develop the potential of parents and to strengthen their relationship with their children through planning and conducting a variety of developmental and recreational activities.
  • To help parents to better understand their children’s needs and to arouse their interest and involvement in youth policy through parent education.
  • To provide a channel for both parents and the college to exchange opinions concerning college policies for promoting the development of the college.
Sr. No. Name of Members Designation Status
1 Dr.A.W.Kharche President Principal
2 Mr.Sudhakar Wadode Vice President Parent
3 Mr.Saiyad Rizwan Executive Member Parent
4 Mr. Pradip Nile Executive Member Parent
5 Mr. Sandip Umale Executive Member Parent
6 Prof.R.R.Sarode Executive Member HOD
7 Prof.S.R.Shekokar Executive Member HOD
8 Prof.Y.P.Sushir Executive Member HOD
9 Prof.S.L.Farpat Executive Member HOD
10 Prof.J.D.Sonone Executive Member HOD
11 Prof.M.V.Shastri Executive Member HOD
12 Prof.G.V.Gadge Executive Member HOD
13     Prof.N.J.Rajput Secretary Faculty

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