Women Entrepreneur Cell

Engage in right pursuit of imparting quality and value based education; Padm. Dr. V. B. Kolte College of Engineering has always explored the new avenues for student development in sustainable way. In line with same deliberation, At VBKCOE, we have initiated women entrepreneurship Cell to ignite the spirit of an Entrepreneurship amongst our female students.

Entrepreneurship has been identified as one of the major trends shaping business, economy and even society. Today’s world is changing at surprising pace with wind of Globalization and IT revolution. Entire world is sensing political and economical transformation. The changing market conditions have thrown up opportunities for emerging businesses. This has also created economic opportunities for women who want to own and operate business.


Entrepreneurs shape the economic destiny of nation by creating wealth and employment, offering products and services, and generating taxes for government. Indian women today have horned their abilities and jumped into a battle field of life with the sword of “Shakti”, fighting against family restrictions, religious boundaries, emotional ties, social restrictions and cultural paradox. Indian women had undergone a long way and are becoming increasingly visible and successful in all spheres and have shifted from kitchen to higher level of professional activities.

It is high time that countries should create more support systems for encouraging more entrepreneurship amongst women. At the same time, it is up to women to break away from stereotyped mindsets.

Women Entrepreneur Cell

Name of Person Designation
Prof. T.Y.Kharche President
Prof.M.D.Patil Vice President
Prof.M.U.Karande Member
Prof.M.R.Rajput Member
Prof.R.N.Tirale Member
Mrs. Sulabha Pawar Member (supporting staff)
Mrs. Rekha Bhalshankar Non-teaching representative
Ms. Asmita Wadode Student Representative
Ms.Mayuri Tayde Student Representative
Prof.N.K.Achmelwar Secretary

Academic Year 2021-22

Entrepreneur Mentorship Program for Women

Expert Talk on Platform for Women Entrepreneur