Sports & Gymnasium

Sports Facilities:

Technically speaking we offer holistic education. It is a fact to reckon with that, the students while pursuing Diploma & degree are infact in their teen age. This is the most crucial time period in an individual’s life. As an educational institute we have to cater to the moral, spiritual, physical and educational needs of the students. Its wrong on the part of the parents, society and educational institutes only to clamor for academic success alone of the students. Therefore, education should be a tool in enhancing the human qualities in the students. In this regard we have to remember that a sound body restores a sound mind; a sound mind develops a sound character; and a sound character builds a sound personality.

A vast sports outfield at VBKCOE offers excellent opportunity for the students to cheer up, have a relaxed outing and simultaneously play sports and games for their physical growth. Students have the facilities for playing Cricket, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, volleyball, and many other games. Our teams not only represented the college in various sports meets but also brought laurels to the institute by participating IEDSSA & Intercollegiate sports.

Indoor Sports Facilities:

  1. Chess
  2. Carrom


Outdoor Sports Facilities:

  1. Cricket Ground
  2. Volleyball Ground
  3. Kho-Kho Ground
  4. Kabaddi Ground
  5. Badminton Port
  6. Ball Badminton
  7. Javelin Throw
  8. Ball Throw