Sr. No. Name of company Activity Date
1 MAXX Business Systems, Secunderabad Expert lecture 11/01/2020
2 Maharashtra Engineering Works, Malkapur Industrial visit ,vacation Trainings, consultancy 30/10/2018
3 Vishwa Engineering, Malkapur Industrial visit, Sponsored project 01/09/2018
4 Jay Maharashtra Welding Works, Malkapur Vacation Training, Sponsored project, Consultancy 25/10/2018
5 Shri Gurukrupa Motors, Malkapur Industrial visit, Sponsored project 03/09/2018
6 Laxmi Engineering Works, Kund (Bk) Industrial visit ,Vacation Trainings, Consultancy 12/08/2018
7 Komal Refrigeration, Malkapur Sponsored Project 02/08/2018
8 Oxyfarm Horticulture Engineering and Technologies, Dasarkhed MIDC Industrial visit ,vacation Trainings, Sponsored project, Consultancy 05/08/2018
9 Saptasatij Metatech Pvt.Ltd.,Chakan Pune Industrial visit 20/11/2017
10 Maruti Packers, dasarkhed MIDC,Malkapur Industrial visit 14/09/2017
11 Eco Biotech Pvt.Ltd.,Dasarkhed MIDC, Malkapur Industrial visit 14/09/2017
12 Bezo-Chem Pvt. Ltd.,Dasarkhed MIDC,Malkapur Industrial visit 14/09/2017
13 Soft Aid Computers, Jalgaon Workshops, Expert lecture 13/09/2016
14 I CAD Training Center, Jalgaon Workshops, Expert lecture 14/09/2016