PEO’s / PO / PSO

Program Educational Objectives:

  1. To develop practicing Electrical engineer in field such as design, research , testing and manufacturing within 4 years.
  2. Graduates will adapt to different roles and demonstrate leadership in global working environment by respecting diversity, professionalism and ethical practices.
  3. To train the students in the areas of electrical and power system, Electrical machines, control system, Power Electronics, Power Generation, Renewable energy sources, Latest technologies and software tools necessary for Electrical Engineering practices.
  4. To prepare the students to work effectively in national and global organization with full professional competence to handle the critical situations and meet the budget and time schedules.
  5. To produce competent Electrical Engineering graduates with a solid foundation in engineering, design analytics and problem solving skills for flourishing professional careers in industry, academic and public service.

    Program Outcomes

    1. Will have an ability to apply knowledge of mathematics and science, Network analysis, Power system and Electrical machine in Electrical Engineering systems.
    2. Will have an ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interprete data.
    3. Will have knowledge and exposure on different  power electronic circuits and drives for industrial applications.
    4. Will able to Identify, formulate, review research literature, and analyze Engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of machines, Network theorems, Load flow studies, Electrical Parameters and Electrical Circuits, Power measurements.
    5. Use research techniques,research based knowledge and recent technology to provide valid conclusion.
    6. Use modern tool like PLC and SCADA,MATLAB SIMULINK ,KEIL etc to improve the results.
    7. Develop an abilty of self-education and understand the value of life-long learning.
    8. Be able to communicate effectively.
    9. Will have confidence to apply engineering solutions with professional, ethical and social responsibilities.
    10. Work effectively as a team leader and as an individual in environment.
    11. Apply ethical principles to professional ethics and responsibilities of Engineering practices.
    12. Apply the knowledge in health,culture and safety issues and try analyze the solution of problems.

    Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

    1. Able to implement new ideas and knowledge gained during the course of the program from electrical course, in particular to identify, formulate and  solve real-life problems faced in industries and research work.
    2. Able to identify the electrical engineering problems and solve this with the application of modern and appropriate techniques for sustainable development.

    3. Able to apply the knowledge of ethical and management principles required to work in a team as well as to lead a team.